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Transpack Euro-Asia Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd>>(Shanghai) is founded in 1997 as an industrial export holding company.It unites serval machine-building factories of China and Taiwan specialzing in production and delivery of various packing equipment.

The company was established as an alternavtive to machinery manufacturers and suppliers already availabe in the Asian market.The main objective of the company,which united packing enterprises in a holding company,was production and promotion of competitive machinery in the European region,as well as the increase in sales in the world market in the context of rigid business competition.

One of the main company’s goals has always been and remains the delivery of equipment for producing corrugated cardboard and boxes:

Corrugators of basci formats

Lines for manufacturing corrugated containers(Flexo-Printer-Rotor-Slotter)

Multicolour flexographic printing machines

Slitting machines(Slotters)

Rotary die cutter machines(rotors)

Automatic and semiautomatic folder-gluers lines

Creasing and Cutting machines

Automatic mini-slotting machine

Automatic Paper Pulp Moulding Production Line

Banding machines,stapling ,etc

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